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Christmas at The Chodkeviciai Palace

Second festival


Five significant evenings in a row let your hearts to be moved by the famous classical musicians and young talents from Lithuania surrounded by the aristocratic atmosphere of The Chodkeviciai Palace



December 26, 6:30Pm
Edmundas Seilius (tenor), Kristina Zmailaitė (soprano), Lina Giedraitytė (piano)

December 27, 6:30Pm
„Letters from the Past“: Rafailas Karpis (tenor), Darius Mažintas (piano)

December 28, 6:30Pm
Dainius Puodžiukas (violin), Aidas Puodžiukas (piano)

December 29, 6:30Pm
Petras Geniušas (piano)

December 30, 6:30Pm
"Music Horizons": Performing Young Talents of the National M.K.Čiurlionis School of Arts